Enhance Your Business by Entering into IT & Fintech Franchise Sector: Top Franchise Business Idea in India

By | February 3, 2020

There are plenty of business ideas born every day in India but it’s hard to figure out which are worth pursuing because the amount of time, money and risk involved on the business idea we chase and we are here to help you to pick a right business idea that is franchise business creating jobs faster than other business which is not only profitable but also right for the long term.

Franchise business plan is great for those with an entrepreneurial spirit to own and desire to gain a magnificent commission at a short interval, it is the simplest way to start a successful business these days that reduce the risk of loss in future and attracts current and potential small business owners and entrepreneurs. You may be frightened by the idea of laying down the footing of your business, but acquiring an already settled business may make the procedure easier for you and as compare to start-up businesses with new ideas have less rate of success to the franchise business.

Every business needs a brand identity and the main advantage to choose a franchise is that the brand/company name which is already established that saves the cost of creating a brand name through numerous strategies and boosts customer retention that takes time. Therefore, investing in a settled business could be a great idea and long term too.

Now one of the main concerns is that how much money you have to invest for franchise business model because a traditional franchisee needs to purchase a license and requires a lot of investment in the offline store while this has proven to be a good business model but this is not the right choice for those who are looking for running an own business but they can’t afford that much investment. So don’t worry, this article totally based on those people where they can make a good profit by buying the franchise of IT Services and Fintech services with less investment.

As per recent reports, IT and Fintech services have been spreading like a wave that is becoming a profitable and high earning source for start-ups or entrepreneurs.

But it’s difficult to analysis the right path or company because a lot of people start their business without any case study of the company and business, in result they failed, so choose a company that working to keeping in mind your future and as well as it should be a reputed and trusted organization. Hope this article helps you to give all the answers regarding this.

So keep reading till the end, here I will tell you about top 10 creative franchise business ideas with complete details at the low investment that you can start at your own shop or center, these franchise businesses are most trending at this time so grab this business opportunity plan instantly.

I know your eagerness at top this time so let’s keep moving to the point of franchise business plan without wasting your time:

1.        Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) Business Franchise:

AEPS service is a modern transaction system initiated by the NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) to promote cashless transactions and make India digitally active. As the name suggests, the aadhaar enabled payment system is the system that allows the customers to make their payments using their Aadhaar Card Number verifies at Micro ATM Machine or Biometric Machine.

You can offer the following AEPS Services to customers:

•             Cash Withdrawal

•             Balance Enquiry

So opening an AEPS Franchise is a most reliable business idea in your locality that is a very successful business for you and very useful service for every citizen in which you can earn huge commission by providing AEPS Service to your customers with the help of Micro / Mini ATM device or biometric device.

2.        Micro ATMs / Mini ATMs Franchise Business:

Micro or Mini ATMs are GPRS enabled portable device that looks like card swipe machine accepts customer’s thumb impression and debit card for completing the work related to banking services like cash withdrawal, balance enquiry and transaction history.

This device basically introduced for providing the banking facility to remote locations but after the demonetization of currency, The Govt. decided to utilize it to overcome the cash problem in the country.

So mini ATM is a wonderful device to start the franchise business where you can earn an attractive commission and reduce the cash problem in your locality.

3.            Domestic Money Transfer Franchise Business:

Money Transfer Franchise is one of the best Franchisee Business Plan in India. It has a very wide scope because as we know that industrialization is centralized in India and we have highly backward areas to highly developed areas and this is the reason that people relocate from fewer opportunity areas to high opportunity areas of the country. The main objective of such people is to work hard, earn money and transfer it to their dear ones or family. In that case, opening a domestic money transfer franchise is the best business plan to serve people and earn income.

4.        PAN Card Franchise Business:

As we know that PAN Card is a mandatory document and after the compulsion of linking the PAN Card with the bank accounts, there has been a steady arise in PAN Card Applications.

So as a new franchise business plan, starting your own PAN card agency/franchise can prove to be a great business opportunity where you can earn a good commission by providing PAN card, PAN card Correction, PAN card related facilities to your customers.

*Aware from Fraud Companies:

Nowadays mostly companies are fraud and they are not authorized by the government, so you should check all the details before working with any company because strict action can be taken with those who are running unauthorized PAN Card Centre and high charges can be applied on them as well as to their shops and can be sealed by the government.

5.        Travel (Bus/Flight/Train) Ticket Booking Franchise Business:

As we all know that Travel industry is booming day by day and becoming an integral part of our lives. As a result, there is a huge demand for booking the tickets of train, bus and flight ticket related services that is the highest selling over the internet and expected to grow more than 10 times in the next years.

So if you are new or an entrepreneur and looking for start a business in the travel industry, purchasing a ticket booking travel franchise allows you to build a business on an already successful brand/company that helps reduce some of the risks associated with starting a business.

6.        Multi Recharge Franchise Business:

Due to the vast customer base and daily activation of recharge operators, the Multi recharge franchise business provides a great opportunity for individuals to start their own business at low-cost investment with profits. As mobile penetration and the number of mobile phone users are rising at an exponential rate, it makes sense that start multi recharge business and make profits. The reason for opening a recharge franchise business that it has a very high chance of becoming successful and there is very less risk involved as the investment is much lesser as compared to other businesses. So start Multi- Recharge franchise with a company that is linked to all the major cellular service providers offering the best of recharge plans & commission structure.

7.        Courier Franchise Business:

Courier franchise business is growing with double-digit growth in a modern time, it gives you a maximize profit and career potential as a profession and business.

But before choosing a courier business, let’s know the difference between opening our own courier company and taking a franchise from a well-known brand/company that will make it easier to select the right courier business for you. So there are two options to start a courier business in India:

  1. Own Logistics and Courier Company: Starting your own logistics and Courier Company is quite difficult because it’s easy to open any company but it’s branding, promotion and development part increases greatly. In this case, you need to invest a lot in the different segments or need to raise funds from investors in India and that is the most prominent part to start a courier business.
  2. Courier Franchise from a reputed and well-established brand/company: There are many well-established courier companies that offer courier franchises in India but it is hard to pick out a company that covers the most ground and provides couriers at low rates. So choose a service provider company for courier franchise that associated with many companies and covering more ground and giving more profit to providing courier to the customer at low rate.

So choosing a courier franchise is better and profitable than opening a courier company because it’s a continuation and people have seen it.

8.        Taxation (GST + ITR + TDS) Franchise Business:

Being a taxation franchise is actually one of the best business opportunities right now as the tax base is growing and we know that GST Filing, TDS and ITR are obligatory now. At that time, an authorization taxation franchise is making a good and easy way for taxpayers where they can solve the entire tax-related problems like TDS, ITR and GST Return & Filing.

Benefits of having a Taxation Center (GST Center + ITR Center + TDS Center):

  • Having a franchise can be very lucrative; you can make a great income by providing the taxation facility to your customers.
  • It’s easier and minimal franchise cost than you think.
  • Taxation franchise provider companies will teach you everything related to the return and filing of GST and ITR.
  • Taking a taxation franchise from a well-known brand will make you more marketable.
  • Starting a taxation franchise gives you the flexibility and security as well as it will enable you to meet this growing demand.
  • Your taxation franchise business is to be a complimentary business that can be added to another business that you are already involved in.

9.        Electricity Bill Payment and BBPS Franchise Business:

Starting a bill payment franchise is also a good way to earn income but there are two different way of earning the money in bill payment franchise:

  1. Offline Electricity Bill Payment Franchise: Offline bill payment is basically a manual bill payment system where a customer pays their bills to any franchise or center. The job of the franchise is to update the entire entry on the panel or portal which they have taken from any company. Although the offline bill payment system is a longer process than the online bill payment system but the offline bill franchise has its distinct advantages like they earn higher profits.
  2. Online Electricity Bill Payment Franchise with BBPS: Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) is an integrated bill payment system launched by National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) aims to make bill payment services easy. BBPS is an online bill payment system where every India Citizen allows paying their different bills under the same window that available anytime anywhere.

Benefits of having a BBPS and Bill Payment Franchise:

  • A Bill Payment and BBPS Franchise can earn a good commission to providing different bill payments (Electricity, Gas, Water, Postpaid, DTH and Broadband Bills) facility to customers.
  • With Electricity Bill Payment and BBPS Franchise, the Customer no longer needs to wait in long queues.
  • Customer can pay their bills through multiple digital modes.
  • Any customer wants that they do not have to travel around for different bills and to keep this mind, bill payment and BBPS Franchise is not only given satisfaction by providing them multiple bill options but also make the customer happy.

10.      Insurance Franchise Business:

Now Insurance is a pretty familiar term in India. It has become extremely necessary to get things insured. This can support greatly in case of any kind of damages by healing them. And it becomes even more wonderful when you take a franchise of insurance from a good and well-known company and get good employment by insuring people/things. The Insurance business has a good future so does the Insurance Franchisee. It is a very good source of earning income with a very tiny investment.

Excited To Know More? Got Questions About Services? Like:  Why you should take these franchises and what benefits you’ll get and How you can use Dogma’s Franchisee Portal? Don’t Get Panicked, will help you with all your queries in detail in our next article.

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