Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Always Keep check on your registered email for new updating features . Our new and updated schemes /polices/circulars will always sent by/though email or on our website
  • Do not share your unique User ID and password to anyone.
  • Please always keep changing /reset your password periodically.
  • Phishing through Internet is a fraudulent attempt, usually made through social media sites like face book, email, and phone calls, SMS etc seeking your personal and confidential information. Never respond to such social sites like face book post / web address/email/SMS or phone call.If it happens report on immediately.
  • All our new scheme/ plan/Circulars having Respective additional terms and conditions so read them carefully before implementing or working on these new schemes/ plans/Circulars.
  • Except from website and software we are providing consultancy only for New ITI OPENING, ISO Certification and Trademark Related legal Services etc. These all are third party services and if any changes happen from their sides the same will be applicable to all our Franchisee and clients also.