5 Problems in DMT (Domestic Money Transfer) for Money Transfer Agents & Distributors: What are the Solutions?

By | March 3, 2022

Money transfer is one of the solutions that has transformed our lives into extremely easy. Being one of the enormous nations, India has confronted a ton of difficulties to facilitate its every resident with the latest conveniences. Presently individuals can undoubtedly transfer money by visiting their nearby shops that provide money transfer services even in rural areas. All gratitude to the most recent science and innovation. 

Despite the above scenario, Money Transfer has its own problems. Before you transfer money, you must know about its problems and potential solutions, Read to know more.


What are the Money Transfer Problems and their Solutions?

Whether it is the merchant that provides Money Transfer Services or the consumer who wants to use these services, face some difficulties in it. In this article, we have gathered some common problems faced during money transfer. Do have a watchful look at them.


  1. Safety and Security concerns: It is one of the main problems whether the online way of transferring money is secure or not? Our data and privacy are safe there or not? The solution to this is to acknowledge that the merchant you are vising for a money transfer, is reliable or not. You can acknowledge it with their existing customers who are using the same services. Although online money transfer services are completely safe and secure, it is advisable to cross-verify things. Merchants have complete access to tracing your money transfer status so there is no need to assume that your money could be stuck. 

  1. How to save money during money transfer: Customers need to pay a small amount as the service charge to the merchant for transferring money and this amount varies from merchant to merchant. If you want to save money by paying the lower service charge then you need to find the merchant that charges the lowest service charge. Dogma Soft Limited company’s Money transfer agents are one of the merchants that charges the lowest service charge. Do remember one thing that always prefers quality over quantity because you can be a victim of fraud by the hoax of fraudsters that offer to charge zero or lowest money transfer service fees. Always find the best at the lowest. Do wide research before choosing your perfect merchant.

  1. How to choose the best money transfer service provider: One of the greatest desires of every merchant that provides money remittance services is, that how can he/she earn the highest from these services. The clear answer to this question is to choose the service provider that charges the lowest surcharge. Dogma Soft Limited is one of the Money Transfer Service Provider Company in India that charges the least money transfer surcharge in the market. You can become a Franchise of Dogma Soft Limited and get the Money Transfer Distributorship very easily.

  1. Fear of the Wrong Remittance: Sometimes the money gets transferred to the wrong bank account due to filling inaccurate details of the bank account of the receiver. However, it is a situation-based issue, not an everlasting difficulty. To cope with it, it is suggested to verify the bank account details of the receiver twice before proceeding. It takes less than a couple of minutes to verify and saves from a huge blunder. This step should be taken from both the merchant and the consumer.

  1. Late Cash Deliveries: Some of the time, the delay in crediting the amount in the bank account of the receiver, may happen. It can be because of the issues in the server or any technical errors. Consumers need to understand that it is natural and they should be patient. On the other hand, it is a matter of fact that merchants should choose a service provider that offers the least error-facing money transfer software to decrease these types of situations. Dogma Soft Limited provides the best quality B2B money transfer software to provide quality services to your consumers. Last but not the least, one should always have a Plan-B to tackle these types of situations.

These were some common money transfer problems that people do face.


Things to remember in Money Transfer Business as a Merchant:

Additionally from our main topic, we have some tips for the money transfer retailers to remember. Let’s have a quick look at the following.

  • Choose the service provider that charges the lowest surcharge
  • Get the best B2B money transfer software
  • Verify the bank account details twice before filing
  • Have the best Domestic Money transfer API


Final Words:

In this article, we have talked over a few money transfer problems and their possible solutions. The ultimate solution for these problems is to have awareness and choose the right money transfer service provider just like Dogma Soft Limited.

Dogma Soft solves all the above problems for the customers as it is a company providing a secure DMT platform that takes strict action against any fraud by any DMT agency or franchisee, it charges the lowest surcharge on money transfers to make the services cost-effective. It raises awareness to prevent the wrong transfer, so Dogma can be the best money transfer service provider company for you.

Dogma provides you with the most authorized Money Transfer Services and seamless experience because we know that when it comes to sending money, there are a number of things to consider. Sending money is a serious responsibility, and you would want to make sure that you are making the right decision. Hope this article would help you in this.


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