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CMS Developement

RS.29500 (Include 18% GST)

When you are on web, the immediate and most important tool to look out is for a valuable Content Management System. The CMS helps one to keep the portal lively by updating, changing and pumping with newer content.
Web Content Management is thus a system for creation, capture, delivery, customization, and management of web content (HTML, Images, PDF Brochures and etc.,)

CMS is a method for

  • Identifying Content Requirements
  • Creating required content in a structured pattern for reuse.
  • Managing content in a defined source.
  • Ensuring that content follows corporate and government standards and guidelines.
  • Gathering content on demand to meet customer’s needs.

Businesses need to create more content, very quickly, customized for customers and for media than ever before.  Unfortunately, content gets loosen if it is not controlled in an appropriate way. Hence, a control on content is the only way to determine better information and media needs which proves to be that content is quality delivered.
The CMS allows non-technical staff to add or modify content in a secure controlled way. HTML knowledge or complicated web scripting languages or Webmasters are not needed to make changes to the website.

Website Development Services

Open Source Content Management System

  • PHP: Drupal, Joomla and WordPress
  • Java: Alfresco and Magnolia
  • Net: DotnetNuke

Proprietary Software

  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • IBM Commerce Websphere

If you take a deeper look, you will find that all CMS vendors promote user-friendly interfaces, customizable workflows, online forms, reporting analytics, e-commerce and social media modules – the similarities are vast.  But we cms website development company help you to choose the right CMS for your organization as per your business needs.

We are Specialized CMS Web Development Company for following services

  • CMS Internets, Intranets & Extranets
  • Content Audit & Analysis
  • Content Migration Services
  • Custom CMS Applications
  • CMS Hosting Services
  • Legacy Application Assessment
  • Multilingual CMS Globalization
  • Online & On-Site CMS Training
  • Pre-Built Application Modules
  • Software Integration Services
  • Social & Mobile Integration

What are the advantages of content management? 
A CMS provides many advantages over traditional methods, particularly when distributed teams of users are 
responsible for coordinating and contributing to different content repositories. 
Empower Content 
Empowering content involves making better use of information and putting control in the hands of content 


Self Control

You know your business better than any designer or developer and if you are getting chance to explain your business or edit your content yourself then it would be like getting golden egg. CMS gives you facility to manage your content yourself without paying a single penny to developer.

Daily Update

If you want to stay in the market then you have to fresh content or your content should be changed on a regular basis. If you don`t have time to write fresh content daily then there is no big deal some CMS provides you facility like Joomla and Wordpress to schedule your content so that you can write 10s article and schedule it for next 10 days so your content will be fresh daily and this will really generate traffic.

No Page Limit

If you have your CMS rather than Static Website then you can create UNLIMITED number of page there is no such kind of limit.


There are different kinds of storage mechanism for different CMS some uses Flat file system some uses Database system. Database system can be easily restricting access to your content so your content is secure form standard website attacks. Even your file may be hacked but your database will be safe and in term of CMS you get very tight security for editing any file.


A content management systems can also incorporate a work flow engine and facilitate the collaborative efforts of your staff in creating, editing, and approving content before it gets published.

Features of cms

  • SEO Friendly URL
  • Integrated and online help
  • Modular and extensible
  • Easy user and group management
  • Group-based permission system

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