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Portal Development

A portal represents a web site that provides a single point of access to applications and information. 
From an end user perspective, a portal is a web site with pages that are organized by tabs or some other form of navigation. Each page contains a nesting of sub-pages, or one or more portlets—individual windows that display anything from static HTML content to complex web services. A page can contain multiple portlets, giving users access to different information and tools in a single place. Users can also customize their view of a portal by adding their own pages, adding portlets of their choosing, and changing the Look And Feel of the interface. 
Technically speaking, a portal is a container of resources and functionality that can be made available to end users. These portal views, which are called desktops in WebLogic Portal, provide the uniform resource location (URL) that users access. A portal presents diverse content and applications to users through a consistent, unified web-based interface. Portal administrators and users can customize portals, and content can be presented based on user preferences or rule-based personalization. Each portal is associated with a web application that contains all of the resources required to run portals on the web. 
Portals provide the following benefits to the user:

  • Aggregation – The user can go to a single place for all content and applications.
  • Customization – The preferences for a user determine how the portal looks and feels.
  • Personalization – The user can obtain content that is specific to their interests and needs.
  • Organization – The user can arrange the content and applications to make better sense of the information.
  • Integration – The user can work with multiple applications and content sources in a unified fashion.

Features And Benefits

  • Search – Enterprise and web-based search facilities
  • Content Management – Creation, management, and delivery of content
  • Content Repurposing – Including content from multiple disparate data sources
  • Portals optionally include the following features and benefits
  • Workflow – Business process management
  • Single Sign-On – Allows users to log on once for all applications within the portal

WebLogic Portal supports development of portals through Workshop for WebLogic, which is a client-based tool. You can also develop portals without Workshop for WebLogic through coding in any tool of choice such as JBuilder, vi or Emacs. Portals can be written in Java or JSP, and can include JavaScript for client-side operations. Although you can create portals outside of Workshop for WebLogic, to realize the full development-time productivity gains afforded to the WebLogic Portal customer, use Workshop for WebLogic as the portal and portlet development platform. 
After you create the parts of a portal using Workshop for WebLogic, you assemble it into a desktop using the WebLogic Portal Administration Console. From an administrative standpoint, a portal is a container that defines a portal application. When you create a new portal using the Administration Console, you are really creating an empty portal to hold different versions of the portal (desktops) that can be targeted to specific users. A portal can contain one or more desktops, or views, of a portal. It is the desktops to which you add the portal resources and navigation such as books, pages, and portlets that make a dynamic portal. 
Each portal is associated with a web application that contains all of the resources required to run portals on the web.

Portal Framework

The portal framework is the portion of WebLogic Portal that is responsible for the rendering and customization of the portal. 
The portal framework turns a portal that you develop in Workshop for WebLogic into the HTML page that desktop visitors see in a browser. When you are familiar with the portal framework tools provided in WebLogic Portal, you can look at a rendered portal in a browser and understand which pieces of the underlying framework you need to modify to obtain the results you want.


  • B2C Portal Development
  • Entertainment Portal Development
  • B2B Portal Development
  • Community Portal Development
  • Job Portal Development
  • Enterprise Portal Development
  • E-Commerce Portal Development
  • E-Business Portal Development
  • Intranet Portal Development
  • Hire Web Portal Developers

B2C Portal Development

In these times when companies are running from one corner to other to satisfy their customers, B2C portals have become a handy tool to help companies reach customers in a much better way. Perception System is well equipped with the resources needed to handle B2C portal development.

  • Unlimited product listings
  • Site search
  • Product search
  • Independent category and product page
  • Dedicated password protected customer area
  • Banner and ad management
  • Order processing database
  • Order status update
  • Order shipping configuration
  • Incoming and outgoing email management

Entertainment Portal Development

Those who are in the entertainment business know that here only “sky is the limit”. It is a massive industry consisting of famous names and all information related to them. Our entertainment portal development services ensure that the portal covers the entire industry in an intuitive manner.

  • Press releases
  • Headlines
  • Banners
  • Member login areas
  • Instant chat
  • Celebrity blog integration
  • Share buttons
  • Forums
  • Video upload, download
  • Movies section enabling visitors to view movie clippings, review it and book tickets
  • Ad display in different parts of the portal

B2B Portal Development

Running a successful business very much depends on business partners who are involved at each level of raw material consumption, production and sale. Millions of companies exist in the world and all can be brought to gather on a B2B portal. Our B2B portal development is best in the industry as we cater to individual business needs through a flawless web portal.

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Automatic buying system
  • Electronic auction
  • Storefront for Participants
  • Forum
  • Internal Messaging System
  • Classified Catalog
  • Directory of Companies
  • E-catalog
  • Product Notification
  • News Aggregation
  • RSS feed
  • Electronic Journal
  • Press Room
  • Contact Management
  • Document Repository

Community Portal Development

Intranet though less known is becoming more and more common among businesses. They use it to manage day to day business activities smoothly, swiftly and securely. At Perception System we envision company’s requirements and develop a corporate intranet portal that covers all activities of the company and has enough access checks to ensure that transactions take place securely.

  • Member login areas
  • Distributed access
  • Shared access to documents
  • Date and time task scheduler
  • Message boards
  • Direct Email
  • Address book
  • Local (intranet) search engine)
  • Employee profile
  • Company news board


Job Portal Development

Nowadays, Job portals are widely used by the various companies, as they effectively supports the recruitment procedure, thereby providing several friendly features to the interviewing department that makes the hiring process easy and simple. 

Present world is technology-oriented and people prefers IT option for solution of various issues, including  Jobs and services. Hence, it became crucial for the corporate sector to find such an option that can prominently helps them in recruiting the best candidate and that is how job portal development came into existence.

  • Online Form Fill up and Registration
  • Resume Posting option
  • Search the job option (for employees)
  • Search the Employees option (For company)
  • Personal Account
  • Admin Account
  • Special Features
  • And others

Enterprise Portal Development

If you want to spread the roots of your corporate across the world, you must switch to corporate portal development. You can`t even imagine full-fledged success of your business without having sound web presence, as the world is rapidly tending towards Information technology. Having a corporate portal can bring several favorable elements to your business which can prominently affect its revenues in positive manner. 
Unmatchable Portal Development Module @ Perception System

  • Categorization
  • Personalization
  • Content Publication and Management
  • Integrated Search
  • Goal Oriented Interface and Navigation
  • Final Integration and collaboration of all elements

E-Commerce Portal Development

no doubt is the world of opportunities for increasing business revenue but it also has its downside and that is here there is no scope for errors, even a small error can take companies by storm, especially when it is an ecommerce website. Ecommerce portal development at Perception System is done to the highest level of accuracy to make sure that there is no possibility of erring.

  • Unlimited number of product categories, options and product listings
  • Search engine friendly landing page
  • Easy pricing system to include discounts or additional shipping charges if any
  • Place order and payment gateway integration
  • Product rating and review space
  • PDF download options
  • Featured or new products
  • Product news, blogs and discussion forums
  • Social media integration
  • Order management
  • Customer service management

E-Business Portal Development

The technology is favoring the business sector by offering the entrepreneurs a favorable platform to sale and advertises their products and services. However, for effective and significant growth of your online business, you should prefer E-Business portal development
Cutting Edge Offshore E-Business Elements Offered by Perception System

  • Vendor Panel
  • Admin Panel
  • Auto Upgrading of Products
  • Product Info Column
  • Auto Accounting
  • Inventory Management
  • High Resolution picture frame
  • Thanks Note
  • Other

Intranet Portal Development

An organization can only run on the success track, when the information between the distinct departments can be safely accessed and transferred. Many processes remain in run throughout the daily working schedule of an enterprise and to successfully accomplish them, inter-departmental information exchange must be effectively done. Thus, Perception System offers intranet portal development for easy and fast transfer of information among various departments.
Remarkable Intranet Portal Development Services @ Perception System

  • Designing and Integrating Database Engine
  • Effectively designing and implementing interface Coding
  • Content Management
  • Web solution addition
  • Messaging Services for effective flow of the business.
  • Hire Web Portal Developers
  • Hire Web Portal Developers

Web portal development is the sector facing amazing boom as each of the business owners want to develop web portal based on their requirements and needs, which can offer them several surplus advantages. The unexpected response of the corporate entrepreneurs towards web portals has resulted in heavy demand of the web portal developers. 
An individual can expect following services from our expert developers:

  • Web Portal Development
  • Web Portal Customization
  • Web Portal Design and Integration
  • Web Portal Themes and Template Design
  • Web Portal Plugins Integration
  • Web Portal Message and Mail Interface Design
  • Web Portal Database Management and Content Maintenance

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