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Software Development, Web Hosting, SEO, Google Promotion, Project Training & Hardware Services

MLM Website

We will provide competitive prices and rates for business web site design, development, hosting and maintenance.


  • Your website provides an international presence to you and your profession.
  • Your website is always available for everyone and everywhere.
  • Your website saves calling, printing, mailing and advertisement cost.
  • Your website improves your global relations.
  • Your website is helpful for improving your business.
  • Your website provides an instant visual presentation of you and your profession.

Your website will contain the following features

  • Domain Registration
  • VPS Hosting
  • 10 Email Id's
  • Header Design
  • Logo Design
  • Dynamic Slider
  • Layout & graphic design
  • Fully Dynamic Website
  • Dynamic page creation
  • Custom Contact us form
  • Simple page editor.
  • Dynamic Photo Gallery
  • Social media integration
  • News / Events
  • Online enquiry or feedback form
  • Map and driving directions
  • Downloadable / Printable documents
  • Full Tree View
  • Admin Issue Pin
  • Dynamic Pin Generate And Issue
  • Login Panel For Users
  • Users Can Add Member
  • Admin Add Or Delete Joining
  • Welcome latter
  • Admin Change Payment Detail
  • Password protected user areas.
  • There is no limit to members quota
  • Users can See Downline in table or Tree View
  • Admin Create/Edit Plan According To Scheme
  • Real time commission viewer (who paid, what level, commission plan)
  • SEO feature include only Google verification keywords based.
  • Self Updated Administrative Panel (CMS)
  • One Window for Solution of all Your Requirements.
  • Free maintainence and support service for one year only

Dogma Product

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