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Domestic Money Transfer White Label

 Money Transfer White Label

 What is DMT (Domestic Money Transfer)?

  • Sending money electronically or physically to a specified account or person from another specified account or person. A money transfer is when you transfer money from your credit/Debit card and pay it into your bank or any specific account. Money transfer service is an easy and quick way of making personal remittances to beneficiaries. Money transfer generally refers to one of the following cashless tools of payment or payment systems.


 What is (DMT) Domestic Money Transfer White Label Portal?

  • White Label indicates that it has no label. You can easily label it for yourself. We at Dogma Soft provide Domestic Money Transfer White Label Portal. You’re Own Brand, Your own Domain Name and Your Own Logo choose your own website color combination and write your own company information in about us, contact us and other pages. We will provide an admin panel with your admin control panel you can create unlimited retailers, distributors and super distributors. We do not provide DMT Service only, but we also provide a complete business solution for your business which includes 100+ IT Services.


 Few Facts about White Label Software and API:

  • It is a very good idea to start your own Money Transfer, AEPS, Mobile recharge Portal. Developing your own B2B portal helps you to easily create and maintain Retailers, Distributors and Master Distributors but developing your own B2B Portal is not that easy task. It consists of a few complex phases:
  • Software Development
  • API Integration
  • Application Development


You also need a technical person to look after your software and server. In Money Transfer white label solution, the company will provide you a readymade portal with your own brand name. It is also managed by our team so you don’t need any such technical knowledge. You just need to focus on marketing segment rest will be handled by our experienced team.


 Services included in our White Label Portal:-

  • Domestic Money Transfer (DMT) White Label Portal
  • Mobile Recharge White Label Portal
  • DTH Recharge White Label Portal
  • Data-Card Recharge White Label Portal
  • Electricity Bill Payment White Label Portal
  • Gas Bill payment White Label Portal
  • Insurance Bill Payment White Label Portal
  • Water Bill Payment White Label Portal
  • Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) White Label Portal
  • Flight Booking White Label Portal
  • Bus Booking White Label Portal
  • Hotel Booking White Label Portal


 Benefits of Dogma Soft Domestic Money Transfer White Label Software/ Portal:

  • We take 1-2 working Days to get live your own DMT White Label Portal Software which includes money transfer White label Software, Bill Payment White label Portal, Multi recharge White Label Portal after completion of Agreement process.
  • It is much time cheaper solution than developing your own white label software.
  • It is a complete and ready solution. It doesn’t require testing as it is already tested.
  • No need of technical knowledge, it is completely managed by Dogma Soft Experienced Technical team.
  • Free Android application: You will get free application also with your white label website. The app will be list on the Google Play store.
  • Enhanced Admin Panel: You will get an admin panel with many features to manage your site & users.
  • Create Virtual Balance under you (For Master White Label ONLY).
  • Create Unlimited Master Distributor, Distributor, Retailer Under you. Few more advanced features like Add SMS API, SMTP Email, etc. also available.


 Domestic Money Transfer White Label Software Price:

  • One Time Setup Charges for DMT White Label Pricing kindly call us on - 78208-78208. White Label Panel includes your branded domain (1 Year) + Website Design + Android App with Google Play

*Customization Cost: Depending upon the requested feature/Customization.


 Required Documents for Money Transfer White Label Portal:

  • Directors Photo ID & Address proof.
  • Company Incorporation Certificate.
  • Company Address Proof.
  • Company Cancel Cheque / Bank Statement / Bank Memo
  • MOA & AOA.
  • Board Resolution.


 Please Note :

  • Server cost extra will be extra.
  • 20% maintenance charge yearly
  • Commission and surcharge mentioned on www.dogmaindia.com/price. You will get a benefit as per our SDSO plan.
  • Domain registration charges free
  • Hosting charge are Rs 3500 to RS. 5500/- + GST @ 18% per month (Maximum 150 agents/partners) *Hosting Charges May Vary as per your requirments and space.
  • All service is subject to the approval of respective API owner.
  • You cannot copy of our marketing material related SMS/Whatsapp/email or any content from Dogma’s group website your amount can be terminated and the amount will be forfeited and legal action will proceed.
  • If our service provider does not allow white label or any service then we will not able to provide that service on your brand name.
  • Source code will not be shared in any condition.
  • Rail & Taxation with Dogma brand name only and integration cost also will be extra.
  • All cost related to agent onboard will be extra for AEPS, PAN, Rail, Taxation.
  • For PAN service affidavit is compulsory by each agent.
  • Consultancy is free worth 5 Lac for an affidavit, Tax related compliance other compliance.
  • The Additional cost of new service integration will depend on your business volume and no of an agent on-boarded by you.
  • You also bound by all TC of agreement (Later on will be signed by both party) and all policies on www.digmaindia.com/tc


For Pricing and other Details : Call us on - 78208-78208

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