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Money Transfer

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Want to start your Own Money Transfer Business then let’s begin it with Dogma Soft and serve your customers with superfine Money Remittance Services. Take a step and boost your earning.

Money transfer also known as money remittance is a process of the remittance of the money from one bank account to another. These transactions can be within the same bank or two banks. The transactions made within a country are called Domestic Money transfers and the transactions made within two countries are called International Transfers.

What is Money Transfer Business?

In today’s digital age money remittance is no more just a service or transaction, it has become a great business opportunity. Wondering that how? Let us answer it. India is a huge country by both, its area and population, however, people are yet unknown with the latest technologies and conveniences and remain unprivileged from them. Money is one of the vital parts of our lives thus the facilitating India with the latest money solutions is today’s necessity.

Hence, Becoming the Money Transfer Franchisee or Money Transfer Agent could be an amazing business opportunity to grab.

How to start Money Transfer Agency?

In this modern age of literacy, starting your own Money Remittance Business is not so complicated with us. Dogma Soft Ltd. is the “Best Money Transfer Service Provider Company in India”. We provide our franchisee the Money Transfer ID with lowest surcharge.

With Dogma, you can start your business of providing the best money remittance services in India, rapidly and take it to the next level with our easy-to-understand money transfer charge list. The only thing you need to do is to become one of from the wide list of franchisees that contain Retailer, Distributor, Master distributor and Super distributor. That’s it, you can start your remarkable journey with us.

★ How to Transfer the Money of your customers through Dogma? ★

Since Dogma is one of the Top Domestic Money Transfer Company in India, the process of the transfer of money in Dogma B2B Money Transfer Software is very smooth. Follow the below steps for transferring money using Dogma B2B Money Transfer Portal:

Step 1-: Ask for the details of the transaction from your customer such as the amount and the bank account detail of the receiver.

Step 2-: Fill in the details of the receiver and collect the cash from the customer.

Step 3-: Press the send button and Woohoo!! The transaction is done. Isn’t it extremely simple?

★ Key-Features of Dogma B2B Money Transfer Panel: ★

Secured & Convenient

Accepted at almost Every Bank

24/7 Availability

Best Domestic Money Transfer API

Lowest Money Transfer Surcharge


Transactions can be made on Sundays and Bank Holidays too

Instant SMS Confirmation of Receipt

★ Advantages for Money Transfer Franchisees: ★
  • Your customer satisfaction will increase when you will be the part of us.
  • You can expand your business with domestic money transfer services.
  • If you have an existing business then it will increase your earnings because more customer satisfaction brings more traffic.
  • Providing these essential services to your customer will increase your earnings in a long run.

All the above benefits can be yours, so why are you waiting? Just take a firm step towards Becoming a Dogma Online Money Transfer Franchisee and start money transfer business today.



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